About The FCC SPA

Fresno City College paralegal students have the unique opportunity to join a student organization for paralegals, by paralegals.

The FCC Student Paralegal Association has been a social group and support network for all paralegal students. We organize law firm tours, social events, and even Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) seminars. In fact, SPA is one of the only student organizations that are registered with the State Bar of California as a general provider for continuing legal education!

The Student Paralegal Association hosts its own, annual graduation dinner at the end of each spring semester, honoring graduates from both the fall and spring, whether they completed the certificate or the degree program. Each year, the banquet is attended by members of the Fresno area legal community, and features prominent keynote speakers.

The Fresno City College Student Paralegal Association provides students a forum for:

  • Enhancing the learning experience through association-sponsored seminars and presentations,
  • Meeting prospective employers and colleagues in the local legal community at social gatherings,
  • Participating in fund-raising and benefits

Our  members benefit from seminars hosted by SPA, a California State Bar-approved provider, and a newsletter published monthly.  We also hold events throughout the semester.  Students of the paralegal program are also welcome to attend SPA General Meetings held monthly. You will enjoy getting to know your fellow students as you work towards earning your certificate or degree.

Our Officers

Our officers work very hard to balance the focus between the academia, professional development and social interaction.  Our SPA Board and Officers represent the student members of the association.
We also have members who assist in making this a successful organization.  If you are interested in joining SPA, you can download and print the membership application, or email your request for an application to one of the SPA officers.

The newly elected SPA Board and Officers for the 2016-2017 school year are:

President - Kelly Campbell-McKay

An active member of the Student Paralegal Association since February, 2015, Kelly brings over 10 years' experience working in a variety of industries and serving on several boards to the Association. Kelly works at Fresno City College as a PASS Leader where she tutors English to remedial and multi-lingual students. As the President of the Student Paralegal Association, Kelly has endeavored to transform the S.P.A. into a modern legal studies resource which paralegal studies and law pathway students can easily use.

Vice-President - Nazie Baharloo

Nazie was elected as Vice President of S.P.A. for the 2016-2017 school year and will graduate with an Associates in Paralegal Studies in May 2017. When she’s not in class, interning or working on association events and activities, she is a part-time nanny on the weekends. Being a full time student with two internships does not allow for much free time, however, when that rarity comes you will find her spending time with her nieces and nephews; on Pinterest; crafting; serving within the community; or binge watching “The Office” reruns on Netflix.


Secretary - Crystal Zawadzski

Bringing an array of skills and experience to the Student Paralegal Association, Crystal's interests range from medicine (as a certified pharmacy technician) to the arts. Before she was elected to the board as Secretary in the summer of 2016, Crystal volunteered as the assistant to the Public Relations Officer and acted as the representative to the Fresno City College Inter-Club Council. Currently, she works at Fresno City College at the Art Space Gallery and assists the elderly at a local retirement community. She expects to graduate the Paralegal Program fall of 2017 and obtain her Associates degree the following Spring.

Treasurer - Leanna Pena

As both a full time student and mother, Leanna works to obtain her paralegal certificate. She was first elected to the SPA board as Vice-President pro tem in late fall of 2015 and became treasurer in the 2016 fall semester. Leanna has focused on lifting the Student Paralegal Association to the high standard of professionalism now found in the Association.

Public Relations - Deborah Jones

Boasting a certification in Crime Scene Investigation and Fingerprint Identification in the field of Forensics, Deborah looks to graduating in 2017 with her Paralegal certification and an Associates in Criminology. With a background in Corrections and private investigation, Deborah possesses a unique insight into the need for criminal defense which feeds into her interest in criminal law.

Advisor - Peter Wasemiller

A Community of Education

Let's face it. It's all about the education and that is what brings us together at SPA. The Paralegal Studies Program at Fresno City College has been in existence for over 30 years. Under the diligent guidance of Dr. Brian J. McCully, it has developed into a first rate and highly acclaimed program and truly equips us for moving into the legal profession.  To learn more about it click:  The Paralegal Program.   

Awards & Recognition:

The Brian McCully Jacket Award

The “Jacket Award” was created in 1989 by Paralegal Program Director Brian J. McCully while he was the instructor of the paralegal program’s legal research and writing classes in order to recognize the student earning the highest grade in that class. Since that time, subsequent instructors of the Advanced Legal Research and Writing class have continued the tradition of the “Jacket Award.”

Recent recipients:

Mulky Mohammad – Fall 2015
Kyle Loflin
– Spring 2014
Kelli Glazebrook – Fall 2013
Anna Peterson – Spring 2013
Sandra Ramon – Fall 2012
Joseph Velasquez – Spring 2012 

The purpose of the award is to recognize the student earning the highest grade in the FCC Paralegal Program’s Advanced Legal Research and Writing Class. Each semester the winner was awarded $75 scholarship provided by Mr. McCully and their name was added to a perpetual plaque located in the law room at Fresno City College that contains the names of all previous Jacket Award winners. In 2016, the FCC SPA renamed the Jacket Award to the Brian McCully Jacket Award, and continues to maintain the plaque and the scholarship in honor of Dr. McCully's tireless contributions. Two of the former winners of this award are now instructors in the FCC Paralegal Program. In addition, five of the past winners are now practicing attorneys.

The Jacket Award is just one of the many ways the FCC Paralegal Program recognizes the accomplishments of its fine students and reaffirms its commitment to excellence - a commitment that has become the hallmark of the FCC Paralegal Program.